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  • Sturdy Palm Leaf Basket

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    Robust palm leaf basket with sisal handles.  Great storage options for almost any home use. All the baskets will vary in size as they are all made by hand and because of the way they are stacked when being shipped, with this in mind please note the sizes are approximates.  We order one size with our producers in Morocco. Handmade in Morocco.      
  • Musango round baskets

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    Palm leaf storage baskets in three sizes.  Can be used for pretty much anything. Handmade in Morocco. Please note the baskets are handmade so sizes can vary.
  • Soft palm leaf basket

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    Super soft and lift, short handled baskets that are more oval in shape. Ideal to use for shopping but also around the house for all storage needs including hanging out the washing. Handmade in Morocco.      
  • Musango square baskets

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    A great solution for storage with these square, robust baskets which have little handle grips on either end.  We use ours for storing all the veg from the garden but you could use them for toys, shoes, pretty much anything in your home. Lets just get away from all that plastic.
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